New Mini-Neighborhood comes to West Division Street, Mt. Juliet

New Mini-Neighborhood coming to W. Division St., Mt. Juliet

The final plan for the new mini-subdivision on W. Division has been submitted.  The projest will now be known as Griffith Curbside Estates.

The small neighborhood comprises just 6 lots running east to west between Stoners Creek and W, Division Street.

Lots are just less than 1/2 acre and will have a common access just near Tate Rd. An asphalyt roadway will be run behind the lots and parralell to Division st.

The project includes a 6 ft. sidewalk in front of the homes as well as a crosswalk to connect to the Towncenter Greenway.

Sewer will be provided via a connction to the new sewer lines installed behind East Brookstone Drive. We'll try to get more details about the sewer connection next week when the Public Works dept. returns from the Holiday.

Here is the final approved plan. 

If you would like a copy of this large file, please email me at [email protected]t

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