How to have a 'Zero Contact', Home Inspection During the Pandemic.

How to Havd  a Safe "Zero Contact" Home Inspection During the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Despite our all of our current uncertainty Home Sales continue and so do Appraisals and Home Inspections.

Today we're talking about how to have a Home Inspection and maintain good Social Distancing practices.

Here are 5 Musts for your Home Inspection.

1. Vacate the Home- Sellers should try to be out of the home at least 1/2 hour before the inspection, Pets too.  This will avoid contact with microbes that could have been in the air from your family's breathing or even coughing.

2.Limit the Number of People attending the Inspection- Preferably the Inspector should be the only one entering the house. Often the inspection turns into a visit by the Buyers family to measure, to plan and  gather additional information about living in the house.  But in this case it would be better to forestall that until after the Inspection has been performed. Your Inspector can provide video and Photos of any issues he finds in the house.

3. Inspector-Wipe your way in, Wipe your way out!- The Inspector should be fully masked and gloved. He should also use Clorox Wipes as he moves through the house. 

4. Seller- Leave all internal Doors and Cabinest open- This will minimize the Inspector touching surfaces. This is also a good idea if you are showing the house to get an offer. 

5. Buyers and Inspectors-Have your Post Inspection meeting in the Yard, not in the house.  Keeping your close contacts in an open area diffuses any microbes, Doing this in a closed space is less safe.

Many Thanks to Edward Lawton of B to B Home inspections for his advice on this article.

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